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It's a seemingly never ending task - grocery shopping.

1. Do you make up a dinner plan for the coming week?

A week is too far in advance for me to know what will be food. I tend to make a rough plan for the coming 3-4 days.

2. Do you make up a shopping list and stick to it when shopping?

I usually make a list and buy everything on it plus a few things that seem good in the store. Sometimes when it feels like nothing is food I decide not to try to make a list and to go and just see what feels like food when I am there.

3. What is one thing that you always buy, but never put down on a list?

If I'm making a list I usually put everything on it, even things I always buy. The one thing I always buy is probably milk -- I get through a lot of whole milk.

4. Is there anything that you always think you are out of and come home with it to discover you already have a year’s supply on hand?


5. Do you get your groceries delivered?

No, I live in a super rural spot 5 miles from the closest small town, so I do a run to town every 3-4 days usually.
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So I pretty much only comment and read here, and never post, but this book was so wonderful that I would hate it if the author got discouraged and didn't keep writing. It's called The Golden City, author is Sharon Gochenour. It's fantasy, with two female protagonists (although if one of them eventually self-describes as non-binary I wouldn't be surprised). One of the protagonists is a WoC. It's really original and well written, the world is fascinating and the main characters are compelling and a bit heart-rending, and I really want it to be successful enough so I can get my hands on the next in the series! If you're reading this I hope you'll check it out, even if just out of astonishment to see me actually post something. And it's cheap!

Amazon link:


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